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The content you care most about, redesigned in a way that's refreshing, yet familiar. Fast, power efficient,
yours by design. MIUI 7,offering the the best MIUI experience to date.

Let your phone be its own person

One size never fits all. That's why we're introducing 4 beautiful, individualised UI designs on
top of the thousands available in Themes. Tailor your customizations from end to end with
animated lock styles, minimalist icons and more.

The best performance and power

Performance and battery doesn't end with a number on a spec sheet. MIUI 7 delivers 30% faster
response time and 10% longer battery life, so you can get things done faster, and for longer.

Features by no mean feat

MIUI 7 introduces thoughtful new features like XXL text, Child mode, Baby album, Showtime and notification
management that change the way you interact with your phone.

By developers, for developers

For developers, MIUI sets the stage for all kinds of possibilities. We listen and try to create
better, more convenient tools for you to play and in turn, be rewarded.

Every pixel as elegant as you are

Carefully crafted from the perfect hue of pink, Rosé is the perfect pairing if you're looking for an elegant, classy interface. It draws inspiration from delicate pleats, quilted leather, and camellia petals.

A phone of character

Suit up with a classic chocolate taste of the high life or take a waft of ocean breeze. Each UI has
been meticulously refined and adds character to your phone.

Select from thousands of themes

MIUI curates thousands of themes from our community of designers and artists. Customize your phone with a personality that's as unique as yours.

Mechanical warrior

Go full metal and transform your phone into a mean machine.

Never under the weather

Rain or shine, beautiful animations bring the weather to life and adapt to changes in real time.

Feels amazing to use

MIUI doesn't just look great, it feels great. Thanks to MUSE, themes can prioritise content by customizing the lockscreen with notification icons, weather widgets, or small games. It's an amazingly simple and intuitive experience that you have to try out for yourself.

Music maker

Strum some simple chords and impress your friends with a song or two.

The best performance and power

Like any OS experience, users care most about power and performance. That's why MIUI 7 is
optimized to be faster and to last longer, bringing out only the best in your phone.

Performance optimizations

Improves system response time by 30%

MIUI 7 optimizes system response time by loading data and app animation in parallel. That's a 30% speed increase that's immediately noticeable, and surprisingly fast.

Gives you 10% more battery everyday

Background processes consume up to 48% battery

Your phone consumes as much as 48% of battery on background processes, even on standby. These include searching
for location even when GPS navigation is not active, or being connected to network data even after you've stopped
reading a news app. Battery is precious, and 48% of it is slipping away without your knowledge.

MIUI 7 optimizes background processes,
extends battery life by 10%

By individually analyzing and optimising power consumption for 500 popular apps, MIUI 7's
breakthrough power-saving strategy extends battery life by at least 10%.

Features by no mean feat

Exciting new features that customize and change the way you interact with your phone.

XXL Text

Big on clarity

What's the point of a gorgeous interface if you're squinting at it? For those who have a preference for larger fonts, MIUI 7 has been reformatted to perfectly accomodate 5 different text sizes ranging from S to XXL.

Baby album

Because kids grow up way too fast

MIUI 7 uses facial recognition to detect baby photos in your camera roll. It then automatically groups and arranges them in a separate album, allowing you to browse through them easily.

Childproof your phone

Designed to keep kids entertained while preventing access from emails, contact information, home screen layouts and more. Manage the list apps you want available when in Child mode.

Put your best face forward

Snap a selfie and use it as your caller ID. Simply go to Contacts and update "My Card". Friends you share this with will be able to see your picture on their display whenever you call.

By developers, for developers

For developers, MIUI sets the stage for all kinds of possibilities. We listen and try to create better, more
convenient tools for you to play and in turn, be rewarded.


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